Romancing the Bird: The Season Finale


I managed to catch a photo of the turkey this year. I also thought I’d throw in one more tip from Alton Brown that I tried this year, and intend to keep doing since I was happy with the result: slice the breasts across the grain for more tender cuts. For the rest of the juicy details, see my earlier post, “romancing the bird.


Romancing the Bird

The title isn’t mine. This is an Alton Brown Good Eats classic episode that I trot out every time it’s my turn to cook the bird. It’s been a steady, reliable favorite. When it’s someone else’s turn, well, my friends all use the same recipe too.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to take the giblets out before roasting. Just saying.

Of course, all good food blog posts should come with pictures. But after years of making this, I’ve never been able to catch a picture of the cooked bird before it disappears. I managed to get this one after the carving, before the feasting, Maybe this year I can actually catch the bird…  🙂

thanksgiving spread